Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I wanna be liike Miike...

I love "Miike Snow." No. It's not a person, it's a band. And, yes. It's "Miike," not "Mike."

The band, which hails from Sweden, was created from a merging of Andrew Wyatt and Bloodshy & Avant. Frontman Andrew Wyatt sings, composes, plays multiple instruments, produces, and dabbles in experimental mixing. With his seemingly endless talent, there was probably no need that he team up with Bloodshy & Avant.... but we should all be glad he did.

Bloodshy & Avant is the Swedish producing duo that has worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and Madonna. As I don't like any of those artists, it's easy for me to say this is probably their best work. If you are a fan of those artists, however, you should still dig Miike Snow. Their sound consists of heavily, and cleanly, produced pop. Sometimes it's more electronic, sometimes it's more alt-indie, but it is always good.

Here's the video for their first single: "Animal"

More tunes:

Buy Miike Snow's cd here.

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