Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Portugal. The Man shows Wasilla isn't all bad.... (B)

While Sarah Palin may have put Wasilla, Alaska on the map in 2008, "Portugal. The Man" was already representing the Alaskan city for some 4+ years. Portugal. The Man (yea, it's a weird name) is now actually based out of Portland, Oregon... and they might be stopping off in your city in next few weeks while they promote their newest album The Satanic Satanist. It's loaded with some quality tracks, although it's really not as experimental as you might think.

Musically, The Satanic Satanist has been described as funk/soul/rock/indie driven-- but, in all honesty, the album essentially seems to be breezy guitar-centered rock (with a little piano thrown in). This isn't to say that the album isn't good. It is. The melodies are definitely more distinct than the music itself. John Gourley's high-pitched vocals, along with some harmonies, give the band much more of an indie sound. Add in producer Paul Kolderie (who worked with Radiohead) and you have an extremely polished album-- regardless of whether it's groundbreaking.

Chalk this one up as a CD to buy for some light warm-weather listening.

Buy it here.

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