Thursday, August 27, 2009

Passion Pit and the Magic of Electro-Pop (A+)

Without question, one of my favorite albums that were released this year is Passion Pit's Manners. The band's high-pitched vocals combined with its high-energy make their sound both addictive and distinct. Manners is their first studio release, but it does contain a mastered version of "Sleepyhead" (no, i didnt mean "remastered")-- which was featured on their 2008 EP Chunk of Change.

The band was formed in Massachusetts in 2007 and their use of synthesizers and samples is pretty remarkable. In fact, their unique sound has spawned relatively quick success in only two years -- doing well on the Australian (#19), British (#55), and US Charts (#51). They have even opened up for some of my favorite artists Death Cab and Girltalk.

Think music with a dreamwave kick. Insanely upbeat synthesizers, all sorts of samples, and truly unique vocals make this album irresistible. Since its hard to explain, you'd get a lot further by just taking a listening. Seriously buy this cd... as the entire album is near flawless. Your ears with thank you.

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead

Buy their album here.

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