Monday, November 9, 2009

Nothing's Cheaper than Free! The Pixies, The Kicks, and Coldplay

Most bands will rant and rave about how great their fans are, but in my opinion nothing quite says "thank you" like giving the fans the one thing they love (their music) for the right price (free).

Earlier this year, Coldplay showed their appreciation by releasing Left Right Left Right Left. Just under 4 million people downloaded it in its first week. The Pixies have also recently released a free EP to show gratitude to their fans. Coldplay's album takes live performances from its Viva La Vida tour, and The Pixies' EP contains live songs from their Doolittle tour.

Just for kicks (pun intended), I thought I'd also throw in a link for The Kicks' album, entitled The Rise of King Richie. One of my buddy's sent this along, and to be honest, I haven't given it a full listen yet... but what the heck? It's free.

Download away, and enjoy.

To download The Kicks' The Rise of King Richie (click here).
To download Coldplay's Left Right Left Right Left (click here).

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