Friday, November 13, 2009

Unreleased Spotlight: Ray Lamontagne's Acre Of Land

Accessibility to good music has never been easier, but it's a shame that unreleased album downloads still require hoop-jumping and diligence (i.e. to ensure the album is accurately labeled, without viruses, etc). Hopefully our Unreleased Spotlight, which will feature both live shows and unreleased albums, will make this process a little easier.

Our first feature is Ray Lamontagne's Acre of Land. This album, recorded in 2001, is full of acoustic, stripped-down gems that you would expect from Ray Lamontagne. I can promise you that the songs are better than the album art.

Here's the tracklist:
1- Acre of Land - 3:14
2- Big Boned Woman - 3:22
3- Get Me A Buzz - 2:51
4- Hobo Blues - 4:12
5- Roadhouse Girl - 3:36
6- Skinny Dippin' -3:31
7- Thinkin' About You - 4:28
8- Back On The Mountain - 3:07
9- Change Your Mind - 2:06
10- Still Can't Feel The Gin - 5:43
11- My Weakness - 2:48


Download Acre of Land here.


  1. Hi,

    Do you at all possible have a better quality version of this album? It is such a gem, and I am searching for something like 320 MP3 or better, i.e. lossless flac etc...

    many thanks,

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  3. I'm also searching for Ray Lamontagnes -
    One Lonesome Saddle (including OLS sessions)
    Green demo
    Introducing ray lamontagne
    Thanks :)