Sunday, October 18, 2009

A nice dish of Coldplay and Jay-Z mashups.

As most people already know, Jay-Z and Coldplay's Chris Martin have a widely acknowledged friendship that apparently transcends the stark differences in their musical styles. They have collaborated on Coldplay's Prospekt's March, which was their strong follow-up EP to Viva La Vida. Likewise, Chris Martin has contributed to Jay-Z's Kingdom Come.

After hearing some of the collaborative work by the two artists, two DJ/Mixtapers, Mike Boogie and Terry Urban (with the help of fellow producers), decided to cut an entire mixtape that mashed-up Jay-Z's vocals with Martin's music. Hence, Viva La Hova was born. Even though the DJs did not get the artists' blessings beforehand, both Jay-Z and Chris Martin have given it praise.

Since the weather (at least by me) has turned from mild to cold this past weekend, it is only appropriate I post a few tracks from an album, which Mike Boogie has described as "darkly organic fall -music." While the album uses several lesser known tracks from both artists, here are a few that you should recognize.

Mike Boogie and Terry Urban - Science is Ignorant
Mike Boogie and Terry Urban - The Reverse Fix

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