Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Islands: What's not to love about drum machines, synths, and electric sitars? (B)

Maybe the third time really is the charm. Canadian indie-rockers Islands released their third album, Vapours, only a few weeks ago and it not only packs quite a punch, but it has also garnered widespread acclaim that it is their best album to date.

It's pretty much what you might expect from the band. Islands' drummer Jamie Thompson returned to work on this album, and the band apparently decided to keep the tracks shorter and tighter than their previous album (with the tracks typically clocking in around 3 minutes each). Like Portugal the Man, they are hard to pin down to one genre-- infusing aspects of rock, 80's synth, vampire weekend styled baroque-pop, dreamwave, and others into their creative sound. There's really only one way begin appreciating Islands. Take a listen. It won't take long.

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