Saturday, October 24, 2009

USA v. World (Round 1): Regina Spektor v. Kate Nash

There are few things that I love more than watching the USA compete with other countries, in virtually any context. For the most part, all bias aside, we're pretty damn good at whatever we do. Our two most obvious strengths are (1) winning wars and (2) women's beach volleyball. Misty May and Kerri Walsh aren't the only Americans with talent though. With this in mind, bip-bip. will be featuring a "US v. World" segment that pits American artists against their foreign counterpart.

Round 1 is the classic showdown between Regina Spektor (USA) and Kate Nash (UK). I'm sure a few of you would be quick to point out that Spektor was born in Russia, not the U.S.... but come on. This is America-- literally a country of immigrants. Don't be that guy.

Personally, I think both of these artists have a lot in common. Both are female artists with a knack for unusual melodies, classical training in their craft, and excellent vocals. Both also have tons of edge. Ultimately, however, only one can be the victor. Give these tunes a listen.

WINNER: Regina Spektor. Advantage home-team.

Despite both artists being loaded with talent, round 1 has to go to Spektor. First, Spektor, in my opinion, is capable of writing extremely insightful lyrics. Commenting on religion, as in Laughing With and Samson, or relationships, as in Two Birds, she is definitely an example of the consummate singer-songwriter.

Second, Spektor's fifth studio album, Far, was a rock-solid release... along with every other album she's ever touched. Nash has huge upside potential, but with only one album, Made of Bricks, we just don't have as much to judge her on.

Bottom line. Spektor helped paved the way for this genre, with Nash shaping its direction.

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