Friday, October 16, 2009

Let's capitalize on that paycheck.

Assuming you aren't a billionaire who keeps his money in jars and lives in a cave, then you've probably noticed we are in the midst of, what those academic elites refer to as, an "economic recession." Being such, you might not be able to afford every new movie and album that hits the stores each Tuesday. Because we feel you're pain, I thought it might be useful to list a few older albums that you can grab for super-cheap.

Here is our handy guide:

Weekend Type: Straight-chilling, reading a good book, red wine
Buy: Ray LaMontagne Trouble
Cost: $6.98 on
Description: slow-paced acoustic feats of genius that leads to introspection

Weekend Type: Psuedo-chilling, having friends over, cheap beer
Buy: Belle & Sebastian The Life Pursuit
Cost: $5.76 on
Description: Mostly upbeat songs -- friends with an ear for music will appreciate belle and sebastian, friends without an ear will think its pleasant background music

Weekend Type: Not-chilling, going out with friends, liquor!
Buy: Girl Talk Feed the Animals
Cost: FREE on Girl Talk's myspace page (you can "donate 0.00")
Description: Mashups galore-- 60 minutes of continuous party music

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