Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All Time Top 5 (Movies for a Sunday Morning/Afternoon)

In honor of one of our favorite movies (that actually revolves around a music store), High Fidelity, we'll occasionally be bringing you what we like to call "All Time Top 5's." For those who haven't seen the movie, here's a sample. But you should really see the whole thing. And start making your own lists. Anyway, here's the first one of the bunch...

It's Sunday. You're struggling to wake up. Last night was a blast. But now you're paying for it. We've all been there. While a hangover is never a great time, having a good movie on to distract you can certainly make it easier to bear. What makes a movie great for such an occasion? First, it can't be too complicated. You want something straight forward that doesn't require you to pay constant attention out of fear of missing important plot twists (you don't want to try and keep up with Memento or something like it). After all, you might be tempted to shut your eyes for a minute or two. Second, you don't want something with any scenes that could make your stomach turn (think Ray Liota eating his own brain in Hannibal or the Ed Norton curb stomp in American History X). Third, you want something that'll make you feel a little better about any bad decisions you made the night before (for example, at least you didn't go streaking through the quad and then to the gymnasium). Fourth, you want something that is a flat-out good movie. Why waste your precious Sunday watching anything less?

Here are the All Time Top 5 Movies for a Sunday Morning/Afternoon:


The Princess Bride -- That's right. Make fun all you want. But I'm guessing you wish you were watching it right now. And you can't pretend that you can't finish the following sentence: "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya..."


Office Space -- Even better if you're hungover on a Monday (your own personal "case of the Mondays").


Forrest Gump -- Try watching the whole movie and not feeling better by the time it's over. You can't do it.


Old School -- Think you partied hard last night? "Frank the Tank" begs to differ.
(Sidenote: I'd probably put more of the Will Farrell, Vince Vaughn, etc. comedies on my list if I didn't think it was poor form.)


The Big Lebowski -- The Dude abides. And so should you.

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