Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vincent Frank (aka Frankmusik)

Frankmusik's debut album Complete Me hit stores this past summer-- and even though he made a moderate splash over in the UK and Ireland, we haven't really felt the ripples here. Frankmusik, whose real name is Vincent Frank, is an electro-pop musician from England who has opened for such acts as Keane and Pet Shop Boys. If you had to compare to him to the two headliners he opened for, he's certainly more like Keane in terms of his smoother vocals (he uses much fewer vocal effects than Pet Shop Boys); but musically he clearly favors Pet Shop Boys, since he remains rooted in the electronica/electropop genre.

If you've been a reader of bip-bip, you might also remember that he has collaborated with Ellie Goulding. Here's one of his tracks off Complete Me. If you like his stuff, also be sure to check out his debut EP, Frankisum, which was released on Apparent Records in 2007.

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