Friday, October 2, 2009

Tucker Max (Duke's Chosen Son)

Really? This sounded like a good idea? Don't get me wrong. Tucker Max has some funny stories. And the book that I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell was based off actually made me laugh out loud at certain points. But turning those stories into a movie may not have been a great idea. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, Tucker Max is a former Duke Law student (and grad sadly) who spent most of his time in school getting himself into absurd situations by drinking heavily, treating women like shit, and pretty much doing what he pleased. And then he decided to tell the world about it. He started a blog, wrote a book, and now has a movie out.

The problem is that his book is comprised of a lot of shorter (only a few pages or so) stories that, hilarious as they may be, lack enough material to make a movie about. And it's pretty obvious. The movie basically takes one of Max's stories, The Austin Road Trip, and stretches and adds to it in a feeble attempt to make a good story. A lot of it just seems forced, and I also thought the movie was poorly cast. Matt Czuchry just doesn't seem like he would ever actually be the true asshole that Tucker Max really is. And I've never been a fan of Jesse Bradford (Swimfan, Flags of our Fathers) who plays Drew (known as "Slingblade" in Max's stories). But it's really not fair to blame the cast though. I don't think any combination of actors could've made this a great movie.

Bottom line: Don't go expecting to see anything close to as funny as The Hangover. You'll be disappointed. Just read the stories on his blog. (D)

Here's the preview:

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