Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Jams from Across the Pond... Thanks to Athlete and Erik Hassle

Admittedly, there hasn't been, and probably never will be, another band like the Beatles... but that doesn't mean that Europe has failed to provide a steady stream of good music. In fact, one of the hottest indie bands this year -- Phoenix -- hails from France. You can barely turn on the tv without hearing one of their songs serving as background music for some random commercial.

Yet, even though Phoenix has literally blown-up this year (ok, well not literally literally), I thought I'd post a few songs from other European bands you might not have heard from. First off, Athlete (pictured above) has put out several above-average albums. Their latest album, entitled Black Swan, is no exception. This album's first single, Superhuman Touch, topped the UK charts at #71... but it's worthy of climbing much higher.

Like Athlete, Erik Hassle is another London based musician-- even though he is originally from Sweden. His 2008 single, Hurtful, is quite a jam in its own right... but I'm even a bigger fan of the Penguin Prison Remix. Hope you enjoy it.

For some weird reason, our server is messed up, so I can't upload songs (temporarily)... so here are some youtube videos of the songs.

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