Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All Time Top 5 (Movies for Real Men...and Their Women)

There's an old adage that real men aren't afraid to cry. I'm not sure I can totally back that theory. But I do completely back another -- real men aren't afraid of "chick flicks." Now I'm not saying that the average chick flick is as good as your average drama or comedy. But I will say that we men should try and be a little more objective when we watch them. There's nothing unmanly about watching (and enjoying) a love story. After all, tons of movies that men like are love stories -- isn't Braveheart, a very manly movie by any measure, really a love story when you think about it? And your significant other will definitely appreciate it if you're willing to sit through a chick flick without complaining. She might even be willing to sit through the next ridiculous Jason Statham movie you want to see. Better yet, you might just find that you actually liked the movie (if you aren't afraid to admit it). So be a man and watch a chick flick. Because real men aren't afraid of chick flicks. Nay, real men actually enjoy chick flicks (some of them anyway).

Here are the All Time Top 5 Movies for Real Mean... and Their Women:


Pride and Prejudice -- The least manly movie on the list. Get over the fact that you're watching the adaptation of a Jane Austen novel and enjoy it.


When Harry Met Sally -- One of the most famous chick flicks of all time is also one of the best. Aside from the movie's main story, you'll think the clips of older couples telling how they met and fell in love are pretty entertaining.


Jerry Maguire -- Make fun of it all you want for "you had me at hello." But it's a good movie (and any man will appreciate the large role that football plays in the film).


Love Actually -- One of bip-bip.'s good friends, Wyatt, actually watches this movie at least once a week. I'm not saying you should follow his lead, but give it a shot -- could easily have been number 1 on this list if it wasn't for...


Serendipity -- One of the most underrated movies (and that includes all movies, not just chick flicks) of all time. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale (Underworld, Nothing but the Truth -- and recently anointed "Sexiest Woman Alive" by Esquire) are phenomenal. Jeremy Piven (Ari from Entourage) is great in a supporting role. But writer Marc Klein's story (which is all about the interaction between love and fate) is where the real genius of the movie lies. You can't watch it without actually hoping John and Kate's characters end up together. Give it a shot. You won't regret it.

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  1. Hell yeah! Real men aren't afraid of chick flicks! But there are some chicks who dig the typical action movie like "I ride a Dodge, I chase after you" and stuff like that. Haha! Speaking of car's my girl asked for a Dodge when I visited the car dealer last week with her. Well, she wanted a car for us to drive here in Edmonton. Yeah, my girl's a car aficionado, too. Lol!